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Website Evaluation

"I spent so much money on my website, but noone seems to be buying" - Anonymous

Get your website tuned in to what your viewers are looking for. Communicate with them in ways that show how valuable your products are.

Before you spend money on getting visitors, make sure your website is ready for them!

Our analysis looks at the whole picture. Rather than looking at fragmented parts, we review the design, psychology, text, financial, and technological factors that are impacting your viewers.

The analysis includes a review of:

- Your market and the types of images, words and feelings it seeks
- How well your website meets the needs of it's market
- What you can do to keep viewers coming back
- Site navigation (how easy it is for viewers to find what they are looking for)
- Website text, images, layout and pricing
- How to build trust with your customers
- In depth product review
- Your current search engine ratings on strategic keywords
- Back end coding for higher ratings on search engines
- Backlinks

Here is a website we recently re-vamped:

Atlantic Time Luxury Watches: BEFORE & AFTER

Other important tools that can help your website:
Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Link Development

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